A seasoned consultant specialising in project/programme management of global infrastructure and operations environments. With specific business & technical expertise in the establishment of call (service) centres, e-Business (e-Commerce & e-Procurement) sites, global network systems, data warehouses, enterprise systems management and security strategies. General business knowledge encompasses organisational and IT change management, consolidated operations management, business process development (BPR, best practice strategy and corresponding transitional strategies.


Twenty years experience of computing (development & project management). Twelve years general management experience in commercial & public sectors. Ten years of strategic business consultancy. Independent consultant since 1997.


FEB 1997 -



Prinicpal Assignments:



Stratus Technology Ltd

Project Director


Reed Connections


Provided consultancy and project management for new e-Procurement system from business vision, technical design through to the practical implementation for e-catalogues, e-order, & e-invoice modules (OO approach incorporating ASP, C++, Java, Javascript, JSP & XML). The portal will act as a gateway to the leading B2B communities (Ariba, CommerceOne and OracleExchange) as well as providing value added services such as on-line time sheets, legal info and HR services (eg payroll).  Integration with back-office systems including Oracle Financials & SAP; data mapping and business process modelling. End-user client liaison, including pre-sales bids and associated consultancy. Design and implementation of client-specific and vertical market intra/extra-nets. Evaluation of EAI and Content Management systems.

Provided ‘due diligence’ study for implementation of new stakeholders pension system.

Invited speaker for Ariba B2B forum.


Glaxo Wellcome


Provided business and technical project management for the global infrastructure  (SUN E10K, E450 & E3500) design, implementation, testing & operability for MRP II (SAP R3) worldwide manufacturing programme. Implementation of centralised operations environment including training, production processes, SLA  monitoring and Help Desk. Enterprise Systems Management tools introduced included Axent Intruder Alert (intruder detection and reporting),  Entrust (digital certificates), BMC Patrol (O/S & R3 specific modules), Cabletron Spectrum (Enterprise console & network moninor), Candle ETE Watch (SAP client end-to-end response monitor), Concord Network Health  (Network monitor), Envive Stopwatch (SAP end-to-end response monitor), ICS Continuity (service management), Jyra MLM & SLM (network polling agents), Macro4 UniQPrint (distributed print management), SAS ITSV Service Vision (capacity & performance analysis, management & data warehouse), Tivoli Maestro (batch scheduling). Set up of supporting RDBMS to support data repositories, including Oracle 7 & 8. Development of interactive Web interface into the above toolset, ARS/custom interface to Remedy help desk & MQ series. Development of best practise procedures and associated documentation in quality-validated environment.


Severn Associates


Provided project management and business process design for preparation for group audit at ABN-AMRO. Audit of all IT systems (front and back office systems), including documentation and development of supporting processes. Production of a strategy for support process production and maintenance, including SLA requirements and monitoring. Definition of Security requirements for all Front & Back Office systems and supporting infrastructure (e.g. Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Secure access, UNIX & NT access).  Review of Y2K, Euro and Business Resumption (DR) plans. Implementation of Investor & Market Intelligence (Intra/Inter-net) e-business system. Production of security access matrices for all ‘critical’ front & back-office investment banking applications (e.g. ARNIE & RIMS).


ICL Financial Services


Development of E-Business strategy for Internet & Digital TV and pilot for new ‘life-style’ service for major retail bank. Establishing initial content providers and negotiating appropriate contracts and work package delivery. Control of development team and testing environment (OO technology including C++, J++, HTML, XML, COM/DCOM & SQL in NT environment), translation of business requirements from design through testing using RAD approach. Set up and maintenance of SQL RDBMS. Review of electronic card systems for payment options. Migration planning to live service environment, including implementation of CTI and Call Centre. Liaison with business and bank-conformance groups, including compliance with Y2K and EMU guidelines. Development of supporting business processes (manual & electronic, including Rational Rose UML models) and MIStrategy.


Royal London Insurance


Provided programme management of the introduction of an electronic messaging (e-mail) system to support the Year 2000 vision for the Society. Development of initial E-Commerce strategy. The system connected head office, 67 area offices, 2000 mobile (financial advisors) and investment management users. The project includes validation and introduction of the strategic technical infrastructure, facilitating user workshops to define business requirements and processes, product selection, prototyping and deployment. Definition of a strategy for the co-existence and/or migration of the current IBM OVM/MVS system. The role also includes planning technical and end-user training, ensuring the introduction of appropriate administrative and support processes within the IT department. Workshops held to scope the Society’s future use of complementary technologies, including CTI, imaging, workflow and use of the internet for electronic commerce as part of the Society’s five-year strategy. Review of IT services for Investment Managers Division and IT infrastructure business disaster recovery (DR) study and costing. Introduction of secure inter/intra-net infrastructure including Firewall (DMZ & Cisco), Anti-Virus (Trend Inter-Virus Scan), Proxy Server and remote access server.



JAN 1996 -

JAN 1997














































MAY 1994 -

NOV  1995







































Control Data Limited

Programme Manager - Electronic Commerce Division


Manager responsible for project management personnel & process in UK & Scandinavia. Responsible for the delivery of global communications systems and E-Commerce transaction infrastructures for a number of multi-national companies (including BA, Ford, PO, Unilever). Responsible for all allocated resources, budgets in excess of 10M and divisional profitability targets. Established specialised 3rd Party Sales and Support programme for the Telco sector (including BT and Cable & Wireless).


Designed, developed, implemented and maintained a comprehensive messaging infrastructure as a fully managed service for BA. This was a multi-company multi-platform service offering integrated E-mail, WW Web publishing, browser access, fax and EDIfact services. Produced design for integration of existing  IBM MVS system. Data take-on and conversion being accomplished in the initial phase.


Evolved  IT strategy, global design, implementation and support of global infrastructure for Unilever. The ultimate aim to provide a coherent global infrastructure (X.400 & X.500) to support the rationalisation of the IT departments of 400 independent subsidiaries to develop a number of regional support centres. The system was designed to accomplish optimal replication of data across all global strategic systems, including integration of Tivoli management system. Introduction of LDAP access services and Entrust PKI management and integration with X500 directory services.


Designed and implemented custom data interface with directory synchronisation on Oracle and Oracle Financials for a major German enterprise.


Produced CD internal and client-sponsored Millennium compliance studies and reports; organised and set-up Year 2000 test simulation suite.


Instigated a programme to re-engineer the corporate project processes and obtain ISO 9001 certification for the UK division. Provided consultancy for new groupware applications to help with process workflow, including use of Lotus Notes and Oracle Financials.


Senior consultant for X.400/ X.500, Enterprise Security  (LAN/WAN, including Digital Signatures & Encryption) and Workflow systems integration.


CMG (Computer Management Group) Ltd

Senior Consultant - Advanced Technology Group


Senior IT Consultant specialising in Client/Server, distributed RDBMS, data warehouse and desktop integration for the Open Systems and Managed Network environment.


Invited keynote speaker at LANSEC 95 Europe (enterprise security) conference with 'Managing Your Enterprise Network for Maximum Business Benefits'. Published articles include Computer Weekly, Computing, Financial Director on various client/server issues including Data Warehousing and Object Databases.


Reviewed and introduced new IS strategy for major shipping line, to provide integrated booking system and new worldwide communications capabilities.


Reviewed development strategy for major Gas utility for on-line engineers access DB including code and data migration to a Delphi environment. Provided business and technical consultancy to a number of merging utilities in the implementation of ‘98 market changes.


Reviewed and implemented new technical architecture for major building society/bank, including integration of desktop services for the provision of a new call (service) centre, encompassing all voice and data services and integration of DIP and Workflow procedures. Implementation of Data Warehouse and MIS reporting for all of above functions.


Implemented back-end mainframe dataflow and database integration with single desktop workstations including CTI (computer telephone integration) functionality for debt recovery department of major building society.


Reviewed technical architecture for the Insurance division’s direct, agency and health insurance markets. Produced strategy for integration of additional customer functions, i.e. CTI (computer telephone integration) with main programme functionality.


Provided business analysis for the new unified licensing system at the Radio Telecommunications Agency using Oracle CASE*Method and also formulation of the transition strategy. Prepared operational  (BPR) reviews for various business units to fulfil their new business objectives within the agency.


Produced technical architecture design for English Nursing Board to provide communications infrastructure to connect AS400 and remote sites with special emphasis on security aspects.


Provided strategic support to BAA in acquisition of new Open Systems procurement system.


Responsible for technical site survey and subsequent strategy for CMG's local government benefits package. Subsequently defining network architectures for migration strategies from ICL Oslan and McDonnell Douglas Reality proprietary systems to an Open Systems environment. Defined strategy and initial implementation plan of Oracle Financials for local government client.


Responsible for defining migration from Bull proprietary COBOL system to an Open Systems and Object Orientated development environment for MOD/RAF study.



AUG 1992 -

APR 1994

Guys & St. Thomas' Hospital NHS Trust

Technical Consultancy Manager/Special Projects Manager



Principal technical resource responsible for all IT activities of the Trust, with Strategic budget of 6,000,000 (GATT process). Successfully delivered 4 strategic patient-orientated, 6 technical architecture and 10 departmental systems on time and within budget.

Technical manager with overall responsibility for PRINCE project managers and member of various strategic project teams and boards. Responsible for PRINCE technical quality control aspects. PRINCE Technical Assurance Co-ordinator for the Trust's strategic IT projects.

Managed internal development team, providing enterprise-wide  distributed applications (Sybase & Oracle) and departmental applications (Dbase, Visual Basic and Access) using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques (including Powerbuilder and Supernova).

Identified, evaluated and presented emerging Technology standards and trends to technical and non-technical staff. Subsequently responsible for appointing personnel for planning and implementation phases involving migration to new technology platforms and environments.

Prepared report on the organisational changes required to accommodate new business practices and the use of IT as an enabling technology.

Responsible for the definition and promulgation of technical standards, including PC workstation configuration, multi-protocol access set-up. Responsible for technical documentation standards for strategic operational systems.

Introduced a marketing plan and re-charge procedures for technical consultancy services both internally and externally.


JAN 1991 -

JULY 1992


Principal IT & Marketing Consultant




KSA is a multi-disciplined consultancy practice spanning a wide variety of disciplines. Principal role was to manage and undertake work in the Information Technology sector for major corporate and public utilities. In addition, I was responsible for the development of specialised marketing services for corporate clients in the high technology arena. Major clients included Allied Insurance, Barclays Bank, British Council, British Telecom, Customs & Excise, DOE, Department of Transport, Epson (Europe), IBM, Omnicorp, Portals and Travel Promotions.


Developed full system for financial intermediaries on behalf of RAM Computer Systems and interactive video system for MBS.



MAY 1984 -

JAN 1991

Contemporary Computation Ltd

Technical  Director


Established a recognised VAR and Systems House providing consultancy, maintenance, training and complete turnkey systems to both the public (medical, central & local government) and commercial sectors.


Responsible for building a significant client base which included many leading businesses, government departments and health authorities; for example: American Express, Cable & Wireless, Chartered Institute of Bankers, Civil Aviation Authority, Hillier Parker, MoD, Institute of Civil Engineers, King's College Hospital, London Borough of Camden, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Royal Norwegian Embassy, St. Bartholomew's Hospital & St. Thomas's Hospital. The Company participated in a number of EEC projects, including the  Delta Project on Open Learning Systems. Organised a Ph.D. sponsorship programme at Imperial College Department of Computing Sciences.


Specific areas of responsibility have included design and project management of bespoke databases, distributed databases (both RDBMS & Codasyl) and packaged software. Three vertical market packages have been launched for commercial estate agents, telesales/marketing accountancy and file transfer/conversion facilities. Installation and integration of accounting programmes (SMB, Sun & Tetra) with management information systems and design of customized user interfaces. Product evaluation and purchase authorization.


General business consultancy for small/medium companies and strategic IT consultancy for corporates and public utilities.  Marketing of technical and consultancy services and marketing consultancy for hi-tech clients. Marketing projects have ranged from basic statistical trend analysis and feasibility studies to full implementation of sales and marketing plans. An extensive knowledge of the Computer and Hi-Tech marketplace has been acquired in this context and is particularly strong in the areas of LAN/WAN, open systems and distributed databases.


General management skills covering human resources, project management, financial, sales and marketing disciplines have been acquired by formal training and practical experience.


DEC 1974 -

JUN 1984

King’s College Hospital & Medical School

Research Scientist - Department of Haematology


Engaged in medical research and diagnostic studies in haematology department and leukaemia research unit. Responsible for development and provision of department’s computing services. Developed department’s work into a regional service covering London and South East Thames. Established new research laboratory at the Rayne Institute; the principal research topic was production of an automated image analysis system, including development of appropriate mathematical models and computer algorithms for real time data capture.


Member of EEC committee advising on medical applications of image analysis. Managed the day to day running of several laboratories, including medical and research staff, and initiation of research programmes.



B.Sc. (University of London) Zoology Hons.1973

Ph.D. (University of London) Medical Genetics 1980 






Altos, Apple Macintosh, Apricot, Fortune, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Compatibles.


Digital, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sequent & SUN.

Operating Systems:

Acorn RISC-OS, AppleMac-OS (System 7), CDOS, CP/M, IBM MVS, IBM OS2, MS-DOS, MS NT Server, Novell Netware 3.12 & 4.01), RT11, TSX, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris & Sun-Os) , VAX VMS, Xenix. GUI's for above include Mac System 7, MS Windows (3.1, 3.11, NT & 95) & X-Windows


Most LAN/WAN topologies, cabling systems and protocols including IPX/SPX & TCP/IP/UDP, SQL-net. Laser, IR and microwave media.





B2B Portals:




Web Environments/Tools


On-line Services:


Enterprise Systems Management:

Asynchronous and synchronous communications for above and IBM 3174, 3270 SNA & 5250, X21, X25 & X400/X500, Novell's MHS & Banyan IMS protocols.


Ariba, CommerceOne, OracleExchange


Nortel Chordiant, Siebel


Allaire ColdFusion Server, Studio & Jrun; BroadVision; Poet; BEA Weblogic; Macromedia Dreamweaver & Flash


Bloomberg, Reuters


BMC Patrol, Cabletron's Spectrum and HP Openview using SNMP,




Axent Intruder Alert, Nortel’s Entrust (PKI & Digital signatures)



ccMail, CD Mail*Hub, Eudora, MS Exchange Sever, MS-Mail & MS Outlook



Basic, C, C++, FORTRAN, HP-GL, HPL, HTML, J++, SQL & XML (xCBL & cXML)



Word Processing:

Lex, Multimate, Superwriter,  Word, Wordcraft, Wordperfect, Wordstar


Excel, Lotus 123,  Planperfect, Supercalc.



Web Servers:

Access, Dataflex, DataEase, Informix, MDBS III, Oracle, SQL Server , Sybase


Apache, MS Site Server, NetScape Application Server




Adobe Illustrator, & Photoshop, Aldus Pagemaker, Corel Draw & Quark Xpress


Filenet, Lotus Notes & Staffware









Accpacs, Sage, SMB, Sun Accounts & Business, Tetra Professional, TetraPlan


Artemis, Harvard Project Manager, Microsoft Project, PMW (ABT)


De marco, Jackson, Oracle CASE*Method, Rational Rose UML (Use Case etc), Commander (CMG), Perform, PRINCE & PRINCE II, SSADM